About Us

The Partners

The Ivy & James team is a partnership between Dalia Zelko and Edgardo de la Garza. Together, they have carefully curated a menu and a guest experience that creates harmony between the familiair and the innovative.  

As co-owners, Dalia Zelko and Edgardo de la Garza bring business acumen and international savvy honed over years in the restaurant business and corporate environments, to manage the concept and operations of The Ivy & James.  

In addition to TI&J, Dalia is the founder of the Heights Honey Project, where she presides as the master beekeeper. There, dalia shares her passion for social and environmental responsibility, combining her creativity and leadership to cultivate community-minded ventures across Houston.   

Edgardo de la Garza shares his passion for food, and his gracious, gregarious hosting skills lend the brilliant touch that makes The Ivy & James the place you want to go to, time after time.

Our Purveyours

We strive to focus on Sustainable Farming, Holistic Agriculture, Wineries Honoring Viticulture, Responsibility with Purchasing Seasonal Seafood and Aquaculture, Humanely Raised Animals and Ethical Practices. 

We proudly work with companies and organizations that, just like us, deeply care about  what's on your plate, and the way it was sourced to bring it there. These are some of our purveyors:

Mueva Coffee: http://www.muevacoffee.com 

Three Brothers Bakery: http://www.3brothersbakery.com

Boyland Sugarcane Soda: https://www.boylanbottling.com

The Houston Dairymaids:


Awesome Bites


Lone Pint Brewery


Acme Party and Tent Rental


Chef John Kim

The Ivy & James is excited to have Chef John Kim as our head chef and kitchen manager.  He is a naturalized Houstonian glad to be back home after 21 years of culinary experience all over the world - from New Orleans to San Francisco, from France to Korea. 

John apprenticed under Chef Jan

Birnbaum of San Francisco’s EPIC Roasthouse, and has immense experience in many different cuisines, including traditional French, Asian fusion, Steak Houses, and Southern.

John has traveled the world and he's got great stories! Stop by and you might catch one of them.